Reiki Training

Reiki training classes to resume in September

Level I Certification is ideal for those seeking a basic understanding of this time honored energy practice. You will learn to feel your own energy body, connect with the universal life force and become of channel for healing.

This class includes “hands on” learning. You will acquire the use of traditional Reiki hand positions to treat self and others.

You will receive a manual, certificate and your first Reiki “attunement.”

During an attunement the Rei or Higher Consciousness makes adjustments in the student’s energy centers and pathways to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki and then links the student to the Reiki Sources. It is an energetic “downloading” of ability to the student through the Reiki Master.

Level II Certification prepares you to become a professional Reiki practitioner.

A more intensive study and practice taking place over a series a weeks allowing for proper assimilation of Reiki symbols and ability to send healing energy through distances. It is required that you present your level I certificate before beginning the class if you have not been certified by me.

Master Level Certification requires deep commitment as this level of accomplishment allows you to teach and attune others. Hence spreading the benefits more widely into the world!

Interview is required.

Mentorships are available to students who have completed at least level II. This experience helps to bridge the gap between the classroom and a private practice or teaching. Often students are eager to work at the level they have achieved but need that extra boost of confidence, structure and business knowledge to get going.

Interview required.

An Empowerment Session is an option for those who haven’t had the opportunity to utilize their Reiki channeling ability and would like a refresher and attunement.

Contact Colleen for workshops or appointments.